Mobility Protection

MGA and Insurtech: an unbeatable pairing

For more than 15 years, we have been designing affinity solutions for the Automotive as pioneers in the use of new technologies on behalf of insurance.

To meet the insurance needs of the Automobile world, we have chosen to make CAAREA an MGA (insurance and reinsurance underwriting and management company) and an Insurtech.

Our mission: to protect your customers against any disruption of their Mobility by covering their vehicle and its users as well as their capital.

Our strengths: we enrich your core business with products and solutions that can be deployed directly within your systems; we bring technological innovation dedicated to the product and its management; we guarantee you financial security, thanks to technical support from three of the world's largest reinsurers, Scor, Swiss Re and Munich Re.

Key figures

1 000 000
insured vehicles
450 m€
of current premiums
3 millions
DB lines

for the Automotive World

supporting your growth

You are:
- An automotive manufacturer, whether generalist or specialist in new energies;
- An insurer-assistance provider in the automotive field;
- A financing company;
- New distribution channels;

CAAREA's automotive insurance offerings and affinity services will strengthen your business by promoting sales, insurance subscriptions, auto loans, web distribution...

In a word: our offers drive growth for your business and your networks’.

A Double Expertise

a unique ecosystem

CAAREA’s offers are designed by our MGA and managed by our Insurtech. We bring together the entire insurance engineering value chain: database architecture, product design, pricing engine, pricing, wording, tracking and other functions essential to the business.
The technological grounding of our Insurtech has been foundational to our insurance offer since CAAREA was first launched.

Smart contracts, artificial intelligence and claim automation are all technological solutions that give your offer a boost.

This MGA/Insurtech complementarity creates a singular ecosystem.
Our unique position as a service aggregator guarantees you an umbrella partnership encompassing all the functionalities necessary to roll out your affinity insurance strategy in a timely manner.

A Constellation Of Services

CAAREA solutions

Our broad range of solutions gives pride of place to simplicity and speed of execution.
CAAREA Sales is a dedicated underwriting tool.
Benefits: facilitating quick turnaround for sales in the network, boosting subscription rates, sharing documents with end customers...
CAAREA Management is using artificial intelligence to handle the occurrence of contract events.
Benefits: easy digitalized declaration, automation of procedures to speed up delivery of services to your customers, tighter security for all interactions...
CAAREA Consulting is a data management and reporting tool. CAAREA handles your products as well as your customers; you deserve an account of these interactions, they belong to you.
Benefits: we help you to monitor activity to improve profitability and capitalize on new behavior patterns.

We can integrate these services directly with your existing systems to enhance your operations, your networks and ability to honor your customer commitments.
We can adapt these solutions to new distribution strategies via up-selling, cross-selling or remarketing.

Our technical support in reinsurance

CAAREA is backed by the best names in international reinsurance. As an MGA, this exceptional technical support provides the necessary safeguards to ensure your strategy is sustainable and enables us to assist you across all markets and in every country.

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