Our affinity insurance products protect the benefits of automobile mobility. Mobility insurance covers the use of a vehicle that is constantly well maintained, preservation of the capital invested and the personal interests of the users

Types of Protection

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o Mobility & Everyday Use offer:
Mechanical Breakdown & Extended Warranty
(combustion engines and new energies)
Performance Guarantee for Electric Batteries
(preventive and/or corrective)

o Vehicle Aesthetics Offer:
“Body Care” exterior protection
(scratches, dents, chips, etc.)
Glazing & Lighting
(windshield, mirrors, lamps, etc.)
“Interior Care” interior protection

o Wheels and Tires offer

o Vehicle assistance offer:
Roadside Assistance / Towing / Replacement vehicle
Fuel error
Loss of keys
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o Total Loss offer:
GAP return to Invoice
Financial GAP
Supplementary allowance

o Partial Damage offer:
Excess insurance
Supplementary allowance
Help with quotes

o Other offers:
Resale Assistance
Good driver
Satisfied or replaced
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o Mobility offer:
Trip Continuation assistance (accommodation)

o Accident offer:

o CPI offer (credit protection insurance)
Our automotive mobility insurance products are applicable to other motorized vehicles as well: trucks, passenger vehicles, motorhomes, two- and three-wheelers, recreational boating and fishing fleets.

Our Value Proposition

enriching your core business

Our Automotive Mobility insurance range enriches your core business.
In addition to securing additional margin for you, they help you retain loyalty, win new customers and enhance your business.
The effects are multiple and wide ranging:
• increase the number of visits to mechanical and body shops,
• increase sales of spare parts,
• facilitate the trade-in of vehicles or the purchase of a second car,
• reduce cancellation rates on insurance contracts,
• protect loans in the event of total or partial loss,
• extend the duration of loans,
• increase the number of clicks...

Beyond these classic effects, our innovation lies in using our solutions as a marketing tool to place your customer at the center of your Automotive Lifestyle Protection strategy. These solutions can be adapted to new distribution channels and are proposed as up-selling, cross-selling or remarketing mechanisms.

We bring more than 15 years of international experience in automotive mobility insurance to your business. This experience is backed up by new technologies and the best (re)insurance protection, making CAAREA stand out in the field of Automotive Lifestyle Protection.

Our Clients

New distribution channels

Our References

long-term relationships

In France, CAAREA works with the market’s largest car insurers, wholesalers, specialized brokers and insurers;

In Southern Europe, we assist insurance companies positioned as leaders in terms of products and premiums;
And in North Africa, we serve the largest insurance companies on behalf of major manufacturers;

In China, we have developed an exceptional partnership with leading insurers for the distribution networks of Western and local car manufacturers;
And in Korea, our solutions benefit manufacturers, insurers and brokers.

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