Our History

anticipating customer needs

Created in 2003, CAAREA was born of a practical observation: the world of reinsurance provides no services for its clients and institutional automobile partners.
"Why not combine services and financial protection?" wondered Bruno Labuzan, Chairman and founder of CAAREA.

Backed by some of the world’s best international reinsurers, CAAREA is expanding automotive affinity insurance with new services that enhance client protection. Now, the protection of a client's assets fully includes automobiles.
Determined to stand out by doing things differently, CAAREA has evolved in line with market realities, offering automotive affinity insurance with an expanded database and innovative technological tools. Our path: perpetually seeking to anticipate upcoming needs.

Our Vision

the client

Mobility offers are too often based on the vehicle’s technology rather than the user's lifestyle.
As an automotive affinity insurance company, our objective is to ensure smooth continuity of the motorist's Mobility, whatever transpires, while protecting him or her from the financial consequences of events.
For the Automotive World, this represents an opportunity for players to enhance the value of their offer in the face of changing and exacerbated competition and a context of decreasing sales.

CAAREA All Over the World

our automotive affinity insurance spans 4 continents

After a successful conquest of the domestic market, creating a long-lasting partnership with motor vehicle insurers, wholesale brokers and insurers, CAAREA is turning to the international market.

Since 2005, Southern Europe and North Africa have contributed to our growth: packaged products covering new and used vehicle warranties for manufacturers; packaged financing offers for banks of major manufacturers; complementary service offers for motorist assistance companies and "Automobile Club" offers.

In 2010, CAAREA was asked by a reinsurance partner to create products and management tools supporting the rapid growth of automobile sales in Asia . This development of automotive affinity insurances has been a success, leading to a replication of the model and the opening of local subsidiaries.

In 2020, a new continent: Latin America.


a full palette of skills

We cover 100% of the MGA and Insurtech value chain.
We possess in-house a complementary set of skills for the development of automotive affinity insurance: statisticians, actuaries, data scientists, automotive engineers, lawyers, marketers, business developers, IT engineers, product owners, developers...
From initial assessment to the end of the product's life cycle, we ensure the consistency and execution of all decisions taken with our partners.

Each of us is there to support you in his or her specialty, to build your strategy hand in hand with you and implement it effectively, in record time.

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