The Expertise of an MGA

a structure adapted to a specialty

Since its creation, CAAREA has adopted the structure of a Managing General Agent, or MGA, an insurance and reinsurance underwriting and management company.
We believe this status is essential to meeting the challenges of our specialty, automotive affinity insurance.
Choosing an MGA means knowing you benefit from mastery of an expertise entirely focused on the technical and behavioral analysis of a specific risk, as shown by the current trend of creating MGAs for emerging risk categories.

One measure illustrating the success of this MGA is CAAREA's ability, in terms of volume, to produce and underwrite the most mature risks as well as the most innovative types, such as new energies. And all this with the financial surety provided by the technical support of three of the world’s five largest reinsurers, Scor, Munich Re, Swiss Re.

CAAREA: an Insurtech Pioneer

a vector for acceleration

By developing the first version of the CAAREA Management platform as early as 2010, CAAREA established itself as a pioneer Insurtech contributing to the digitalization of insurance.
Once reserved for internal efficiency and business management, our digital tools are today the vectors of an Insurtech revolution CAAREA delivers to its clients. Tomorrow, thanks to Deep Learning, CAAREA's business will complete its transformation and become totally automated.
The CAAREA Solutions ecosystem and our complete range of APIs accelerate the integration, distribution, pricing and follow-up of CAAREA products worldwide and in real time.
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