CAAREA’s Solution:

CAAREA designs, prices, underwrites, financially guarantees, deploys and monitors service and insurance offers on behalf of manufacturers, tailored to their competitive context and their customers' mobility needs.
From premiering a used-car quality label in an emerging country to financial protections for marketing campaigns designed to boost sales in a tier-1 country, CAAREA implements the manufacturer's strategy to promote its growth, its network and its customers.
CAAREA also provides manufacturers and their networks with white label digital tools, ensuring speed and efficacy of both distribution and management for the affinity insurance business.


- CAAREA's affinity insurance offers embedded with vehicle sales enable ambitious strategies for the manufacturer, at no financial risk, to boost sales, dispose of stock or promote a new model.
- Thanks to penetration rates boosted by CAAREA's digital tools, these offers, as a sales option, generate additional direct (commissions) and indirect (workshop traffic, vehicle buy-back after a total loss, increase in vehicles’ residual value, etc.) margins.
- CAAREA's technologies and tracking ensure control and close oversight of the manufacturer's strategy.

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