CAAREA Solution:

Deployment of additional offers and services to support the day-to-day mobility of policyholders.
Whether included in premium portfolio policies or as an option on entry-level portfolio ones, CAAREA's affinity insurance solutions extend the protection of automobile assets.
Assistance stops at the dealership gates, whereas the inclusion of a mechanical breakdown warranty (MBI) means that CAAREA organizes repairs and covers related costs. This transforms a standard Own Damage Motor Insurance into true "all-risk" coverage, protecting the essential element of a vehicle: its engine.
In addition to this mechanical protection, CAAREA offers solutions packages—ranging from replacement value to loss of keys and assistance in selling the vehicle—to support policyholders and protect them against any disruption to their mobility…


- CAAREA's solutions are a genuine portfolio protection tool: almost 2% increase in the average basket and an equivalent decrease in policy terminations.
- The implementation of a mobility protection strategy is a differentiating marketing tool and helps win over new policyholders.
- The implementation of CAAREA's management methods and technologies ensures compliance with technical results and profitability targets.

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