CAAREA's Solution:

Development of a remarketing program for car GAP and motorcycle products on behalf of the auto finance company. CAAREA supported and promoted sales development through portfolio scoring designed to identify customers' appetite for subscribing to a financing protection program, combined with implementation of a targeted sales pitch for telephone advisors, and training for the entire distance selling platform. Reinsurance support via the CAAREA pool also financed 100% of the additional costs generated by remarketing distribution, thus protecting our partner, its insurer and the launch of the program.


- A penetration rate of 15% after 12 months, more than doubling the volume of the portfolio.
- Continuous cross-analysis of feedback from prospects, sales and profiles enabling adjustments that tailor the program to customer needs, notably by extending vehicle protection up to 5 years, while ensuring alignment of technical results with initial expectations.
- An increase in the credit retention period of 5% on average, favored by additional services and insurance that encourage customers to maintain their financing.

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