CAAREA Solution:

For April Marine, CAAREA Marine developed the first engine damage coverage programme embedded in yachting insurance. Each policyholder enjoys protection against the risk of unexpected mechanical damage to their vessel. From jet skis to yachts, CAAREA Marine offers protection for engines up to 50 years of age. As a means for building loyalty and onboarding new customers, CAAREA Marine continues to provide engine damage protection for purchasers of a boat previously insured by April Marine, thus protecting sellers and encouraging them to remain insured with April, whilst at the same time gaining credit with buyers, who are potential future policyholders.


- Growth of more than 10% in new business underwriting within a year of the program's launch.
- A guarantee in constant evolution, affording April Marine opportunities to communicate regularly on this innovative offer.
- Over the last 5 years, CAAREA Marine has enriched its protection with coverage for new elements, extending eligibility while maintaining customer rates unchanged.
- From underwriting to customer relations and events management, CAAREA's technologies ensure the efficacy of this affinity insurance program, enhancing policyholder satisfaction and delivering compliance with technical results, generating customer loyalty and increasing commissions for April Marine.

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