CAAREA's Solution:

By making available affinity insurance dedicated to the use of vehicles, CAAREA addresses the disruption of distribution beyond the sale itself. In addition to providing a vehicle online through a monthly subscription cancellable at any time, CAAREA supports users’ day-to-day mobility. From vehicle replacement to protection against breakdowns or everyday concerns (loss of papers, need for a larger vehicle to go on holiday, etc.), CAAREA offers protection, compensation and solutions for any disruption to mobility.


- Deployed as APIs via distributors' digital platforms, CAAREA's affinity insurance can be quickly and easily integrated
- CAAREA makes it possible for distributors to propose innovative embedded solutions covering all services related to the automobile, from the provision of a vehicle to its financing and insurance through to protection of all the vehicle’s passengers.
- These solutions enhance customer loyalty and maintain a day-to-day link with customers.

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