CAAREA’s Solution:

Roll-out of a range of affinity insurance products equivalent to the services offered by a traditional dealer (extended warranty, maintenance, loan insurance, etc.) that strengthened the Elite Auto brand image and ensured customer support well beyond the sale itself.
Development of marketing offers providing strong talking points, such as the inclusion of an extended warranty on a new model, or the offer of an additional month's warranty for every customer.
In parallel, we implemented a digital certified pre-owned vehicle label protecting Elite Occasion vehicles up to 24 months after the sale date and positioning Elite as a high-end online Sdealership that carefully selects, prepares and guarantees each of its vehicles.


- An ongoing partnership to strengthen the Elite Auto brand image that has lasted more than 10 years.
- Offers provided through CAAREA Solutions, ranging from sales assistance to activity monitoring and claims control, have led to average annual sales growth of +10% and increases in customer satisfaction whilst meeting technical results objectives.
- Elite Auto commissions have more than doubled in 3 years.
- New services and digitalization have earned Elite Auto the title of “digital dealership of the year” conferred by the specialist magazine AutoMoto.

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