CAAREA Solution:

Within the manufacturer’s brand loyalty program, an offer was rolled out enabling all buyers of a new vehicle to enjoy protection against scratches and other "body damage" affecting the aesthetics of their vehicle. To benefit from this program, customers must have their vehicle repaired at an authorized dealership. From subscription at the dealership to the network repair shop, this program anchors the special relationship between the manufacturer and the buyer on a simple concept: a vehicle that is always in pristine condition.


- More than 150,000 customers have subscribed to the protection of their vehicle's aesthetics.
- A 99% return rate to network workshops of buyers who declare damage.
- More than 20,000 interventions generated to date within the network, creating many opportunities to maintain and strengthen the links among the manufacturer, its network and vehicle owners.
- An ongoing program that evolves and updates each year to support the needs of the manufacturer and its customers.
- A program soon to be enriched by our artificial intelligence solutions, which will allow automatic recognition of damaged parts via videos and photos speeding up the claims process and making it possible to extend the offer to used vehicles.

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